Styling essentials: How to dress like a Fashion Designer 😊

  • Dressing for your body type 
  • Flattering silhouettes
  • Shapewear all day baby! 
  • Comfortable and cute (shoes included)
  • Yearly inventory of your closet
  • Avoid impulse buys (if you still want it in a week, you can go back for it) 
  • Learning your look
  • Accentuate the parts you love, and minimize the parts you feel self-conscious about (you do not have to show skin to be sexy!)
  • Always dress for YOU, never for anyone else
  • Your style says “This is the type of gal I am” to the world 
  • “Look good feel good” is real! You can look good at any size, if you FEEL GOOD 😉
  • Need help with finding your style? Many boutiques will help you put all your outfits together if it feels overwhelming to you

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